I'm supposed to use these three weeks off as a study period before exams begin, but all I've accomplished is spending an unhealthy amount of time catching up on TV.
  1. House of Cards - Season Four
    WE MAKE THE TERROR?! Season 5, fuck me up.
  2. Daredevil - Season Two
    Matty Murdock, my smol, angst-filled Catholic vigilante son. Also Elektra being a badass changed my life.
  3. Mr. Robot
    Watching this made me feel like a new person - my pores opened up, my skin cleared, my sins absolved. So excited for the next season.
  4. How to Get Away with Murder
    I know I'm late to join this team but man, this show rocks. Shonda has done it again.
  5. Agent Carter - Season 2
    Peggy Carter is the true superhero we all need but do nothing to deserve.
  6. Suggestions to further my binging??
    Tell me what you're watching! Help me keep procrastinating!!!