5 Cities I Would Live in Outside My Home Country

Home City: New York; Inspired by @Jodiehoklas, @Diplomatic_diva (Full Disclaimer: Have not been to these places).
  1. Seoul, South Korea
    The only city I would actually consider living in (outside Songdo & New York; high key considering it for after college). Also because I wouldn't have to pay for an apartment if I went there. ✌🏻️
  2. Hong Kong, China
    Also where family is from. Hong Kong and all these cities are cities which have this cool mix of history and modern flair and are tech hubs.
  3. Taipei, Taiwan
    I have a lot of friends who grew up in Taiwan. Seems like a cool place.
  4. Songdo, South Korea
    Songdo, the only other place I would reasonably live, is a "smart" city 40mi outside Seoul. 10 years ago it was basically a pile of sand and now it's an aerotropolis, and almost entirely sustainable. The city is still growing and should be done in 2018.
  5. London, England
    When I was in early high school, I swore I would live in England one day either for school or after school. I don't think I will anymore but it's still a pretty city, the closest I think you can get to New York abroad.