In honor of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I've thrown together a playlist of some of my favorite Asian artists. I know that I've forgotten a lot, left a lot (of kpop) off, but these are the ones which I've been listening to and have loved. Listen to it on Spotify:
  1. Fighter (feat. Yoonmirae & autolaser) — Far East Movement
    Far East Movement are the OGs when it comes to Asian in music in the western market. They have paved the way and made it possible for so many other Asian singers and djs and rappers to make it to the main stage and they actively seek out growing and upcoming artists. Also they're just really fucking cool guys.
  2. Freal Luv (feat. Chanyeol & Tinashe) — Far East Movement
    Far East Movement's newest album Identity really bridges a gap between Eastern and Western artists, of which this song is a perfect example. Freal Love features Chanyeol of kpop group EXO as well as Tinashe, who had recently broken into the western market.
  3. love — Dean, Syd
  4. Take Me — Miso
  5. Hyunh (feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK) — Dumbfoundead
  6. Banned in the Motherland — Dumbfoundead, Jay Park, Simon Dominic, G2
  7. Cave Me In — Gallant, Tablo, Eric Nam
  8. Toothbrush — DNCE
  9. BODY — Eric Nam, Timbaland
    This song marked Eric Nam's official English debut. Eric Nam serves as a sort of liaison for Western actors and artists in Korea and so for him to do well in the US would be so meaningful and groundbreaking.
  10. Are We There Yet — Dumbfoundead
  11. The Illest — Far East Movement
  12. Valentine — Kina Grannis
    Kina is one of the artists who has been around forever. She has a very indie acoustic sound which is just incredibly soothing and beautiful and she's always honest in her music.
  13. Lights and Camera — Yuna, G-Eazy
  14. Places to Go — Yuna
  15. Is There Anybody Out There (feat. Clara C) — DanAKADan
    Dan Matthews is a Korean adoptee, rapper, and head at ISATv. He has made it his mission to further Asian Americans in entertainment. This song is the theme to his documentary where he returned to South Korea to meet his birth family.
  16. Just Hold On — Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson
  17. Laputa — DPR LIVE, Crush
  18. Don't Make Money — HEIZE, Chanyeol
  19. Me Like Yuh — Jay Park
    Jay Park was one of the first k-pop artists to make a name for himself in the states. He is the former leader of 2PM and since leaving the group has established a cult following for his rap music as well as a record label and dance group.
  20. All I Wanna Do — Jay Park
  21. Maybe One Day — Jay Park
  22. Can't Help Myself (feat. LOCO) — Eric Nam
  23. Mind Your Own Business — Ailee
    Ailee, otherwise dubbed as the Beyoncé of Korea, is a Korean American solo singer. She specializes in powerful ballads, but also seems to nail every genre imagineable.
  24. Letting Go (feat. Amber) — Ailee
  25. Home (feat. Yoonmirae) — Ailee
  26. 4 Walls — f(x)
  27. All Mine — f(x)
  28. Borders — AMBER
    AMBER of f(x) is one of the most influential faces in kpop across the globe. She pushes back against harsh gender norms and encourages her fans to stick up for themselves and for their beliefs.
  29. JULY — Kris Wu
  30. Juice — Kris Wu
  31. Eung Freestyle — King H, SIKK
    Just fucking great. If you've seen the YouTube ad for this, it's ugh fucking great.
  32. I'm Not Sorry — Dean, Eric Bellinger
  33. What 2 Do — Dean, Crush, Jeff Bernat
  34. BERMUDA TRIANGLE (feat. Crush & DEAN) — Zico
  35. 200% — Akdong Musician
  36. 바래다줄게 Take You Home — BAEKHYUN
  37. Fantastic — Big Hit Entertainment
  38. D (Half Moon) — Dean, Gaeko
  39. Like You — Hoody
  40. Your Eyes (feat. Jay Park) — Hoody
  41. No Matter What — BoA, Beenzino
  42. 5 More Minutes (feat. Beenzino) — Sanchez
  43. 11:11 — TAEYEON
  44. Fine — TAEYEON
  45. My Love — Hyorin, Basik
  46. The Way You Are — David Choi, Kina Grannis
  47. By My Side — David Choi
  48. We Could Happen — AJ Rafael
  49. She Was Mine (feat. Jesse Barrera) — AJ Rafael
  50. My Dear — Kina Grannis
  51. Like a G6 — Far East Movement
    The OG
  52. Rocketeer — Far East Movement
  53. Photograph — offonoff
  54. Born Hater (feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I., Mino, Bobby) — Epik High
  55. Eyes, Nose, Lips (feat. Taeyang) — Epik High
    This is the only cover in the playlist (and it's only because I like it more than the original).
  56. Puss (Prod. by Rhymer) — Jimin, Iron
  57. Unpretty Dreams (Prod. by GRAY) — Jessi