Disclaimer: This is not an ad (though there is a discount link). I really believe in the Korean skin care routine. I've done it for over a year and seen immense differences in my skin. I also really believe in SokoGlam and trust them as a brand. Their products are hand curated and their staff is incredibly accommodating and kind and thorough. 👌🏻
  1. Makeup Remover + Oil Cleanser
    I know it's super scary reaching for an oil cleanser when you have oily skin, I know. But oil cleansers are a game changer for getting makeup off. They don't streak, instead they break through makeup. After rubbing it into your dry face, add some water and it starts to emulsify. Then rinse off.
  2. Water Based Cleanser
    Double cleansing sounds dumb but it works, I promise. The water cleanser washes away any remains from the oil cleanser and any other impurities that might be sitting on your skin.
  3. Exfoliator
    Exfoliating isn't necessarily an every night type of deal especially if you have sensitive skin. But you should consider exfoliating at least twice per week to ensure clearer skin. It washes out all the dead skin and allows all the good products to get into your pores. Don't be too too rough with your exfoliator. Instead gently massage it into your skin, and then wash it away.
  4. Toner
    Toners are like a pre-step for hydration. A toner dampens your skin and balances it's pH levels.
  5. Essence
    Essence is like the holy grail of Korean beauty. It's a toner/serum hybrid for hydration and also aids in skin repair and cell toner. Use it right after your toner.
  6. Treatments
    Boosters, serums, and concentrated essences: these are for your particular skin worries and issues. They can be used to combat everything from hyperpigmentation to acne to dull skin to pore size.
  7. Sheet Masks
    For skin-nourishing. Leave it on for ten to twenty minutes but no longer. Sheet masks should also be used as meditative time, take a second for yourself once or twice per week or every night whatever floats your boat.
  8. Eye Cream
    The skin around your eyes needs extra hydration. It's delicate with a tendency toward being dry. Use your ring finger to tap it into the area around your eye.
  9. Moisturizer
    A must for dewy, glowy, and soft skin. (Secret: a lot of people think they have dry skin when really they just don't moisturize enough). It seals in your skin treatment and smoothes away fine lines. Use in the morning and at night and don't forget your neck.
  10. Sun Protection
    You must must must wear sunscreen. It's the most effective way to combat premature aging and skin cancer. Every morning you should apply and reapply through the day. Even when there's no sun, like seriously every day. I don't burn, I feel you. I still should be wearing sunscreen. Seriously do it.
  11. You'll notice, I don't recommend any products in here...
    Skin care is super personal. What works for me is so personal to my skin as it is right now. I'd recommend theklog.co for finding Korean beauty products for your skin type. They have excellent skin type specific recommendations for every price point. Also your skin type will change over the course of your life. Try new products. Korean beauty culture is not brand snobby. Try everything!!!
  12. Treat your beauty routine like a treat rather than a chore
    I know that at the end of the day all you want to do is roll into bed with all your makeup on and sleep. Don't. I feel you. I work nine to five. A beauty routine should be used to relax and unwind rather than just clean. So just enjoy it, let everything seep into your skin, and relax
  13. Also if you use my link for SokoGlam, you can get 20% off your first order!!