1. I haven't talked about this anywhere for fear that the event wouldn't actually end up happening.
  2. But tonight, I hosted for one of my clubs at school, a film screening of "Save My Seoul" complete with Director Q&A and Meet and Greet.
  3. And the event was a success!
    Almost seventy people showed up from a whole host of different schools. The director arrived on time and without trouble.
  4. For so long it looked like it wasn't going to happen.
  5. So many things came up: we changed the dates three or four times.
  6. We weren't sure we would get the full funding that we needed.
  7. We (I) worried about turnout. Our previous events turned out a max of five or ten people.
  8. The election happened.
  9. The sky wept today.
  10. An open campus conversation was scheduled for the exact time of the screening.
  11. And despite all odds, it was a massive success.
  12. This list isn't meant to be bragging, but just a little reminder: distractions are ok.
  13. And also a plug: Save My Seoul is beautiful and heart wrenching. It follows two brothers as they try to uncover the underground yet completely open business of sex trafficking in Korea.
    Go to http://savemyseoul.com/ for more info!!!
  14. 💕💕💕💕💕💕