1. Is today the day that enough will be enough?
  2. Is it today that we will stop allowing fear to take the lives of the innocent?
  3. That we stop allowing the rest of the world watch us destroy ourself from the inside out?
  4. If not today? When?
  5. How many more lives will it take?
  6. Will it matter if the lives taken are Black? If they are Blue? If they are children?
  7. Is today the day that conversations will happen?
  8. Is today the day that we confront ignorance?
  9. That "tragedy" becomes more than an empty word?
  10. Why couldn't it have been before?
  11. Is today the day that the heartbreak begins to ease?
  12. Is it today that "black lives matter" will go in one ear and stay rather than go straight out the other?
  13. When is enough, enough?
  14. Is it today that we learn that a life for a life doesn't work?
  15. Why can't today be that day?
  16. Why couldn't it have been yesterday?
  17. The day before that?
  18. What about the day before that?
  19. What about before Sandy Hook? Before Trayvon Martin? Before Rodney King?
  20. How many more days before justice is served?
  21. Why can't it be today that we stop killing Americans for the color of their skin?
  22. That we stop fostering fear and instead start fostering love, nurture, and respect?
  23. Will it be today that we learn that hate is grown from privilege and circumstance — that hate is learned, systematic behavior?
  24. When do we stop feeling entitled?
  25. When do we start listening?
  26. When do we start doing?
  27. When do we stop letting 4.5 million control a population of 318.9 million?
  28. When will we remember to treat others with respect?
  29. To treat them as we ourselves wish to be treated?
  30. How many more people must be murdered simply for being?
  31. How many more empty promises of change?
  32. How many more press conferences made?
  33. How many more days will we walk empty, walk fearful?
  34. How many will last that long?
  35. Enough is enough.