Musicals I've seen live, ranked

Inspired by @alliblabla; I was a theatre writer and performer for some time so I got to see a lot of these for free, I'm not just like made of money. I'm also sure I've missed a lot of shows, I'm sorry.
  1. 22.
    Sister Act
    I know consciously that I saw this show. But I have no recollection of actually seeing this show.
  2. 21.
    The Lion King
  3. 20.
  4. 19.
    A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
  5. 18.
    In the Heights
  6. 17.
  7. 16.
    Shrek the Musical
    Seriously underrated
  8. 15.
    Billy Elliot
  9. 14.
  10. 13.
  11. 12.
    Love's Labour's Lost
  12. 11.
  13. 10.
    The Little Mermaid
  14. 9.
    My first
  15. 8.
    First Date
  16. 7.
    I don't know the I'm in love with this show so much as I adore the people I've met because of this show
  17. 6.
    One Man, Two Guvnors
    A play with music rather than a musical, but the funniest evenings I've ever had were at this show
  18. 5.
  19. 4.
  20. 3.
    Mary Poppins
    This is the show where I fell in love with musical theatre. To this day, I can see the entire show in my head.
  21. 2.
  22. 1.
    Allegiance was one of the most meaningful shows I've ever seen. By no means was it the most technically spectacular, but it has been the only show to date that has made me physically cry. I love this show to pieces.