Needless to say, it was a long year. Inspired by @kaitlynvella, @ListPrompts
  1. January
    January was, as it always seems to be, about new beginnings. I arrived just after midnight in LA, for a funeral. I had spent my new year somewhere over the Midwest. I was ready, for new things. To grow up.
  2. February
    February was about home. School isn't home. But things like Fridays, friends, and flowers get me through.
  3. March
    March was about old friends in old places.
  4. April
    April was about new friends in new places.
  5. May
    May was all about the aesthetic.
  6. June
    June was a break. The calm before the storm.
  7. July
    July was the hardest month of my life, to date. July 22, 2015, the hardest day. From this point, I spent more time in hospitals than I would care to admit, trekking on the A from NYU at my full time job all the way up to Columbia Presbyterian. This photo was taken at the Neuro-ICU at Columbia Presbyterian.
  8. August
    August was about finding normalcy, moving forward, going back to work. Finding happiness and solace and peace working with my students, in a routine that would include the hospital, the doting, everything.
  9. September
    September was about going back to me, going back to school, trying to occupy some space in my own life that had been pushed out due to more pressing, more important other matters.
  10. October
    October was going back to my favorite places, at home. Finding comfort in what had become scary over the past summer. Remembering my love for people and places and things in my life that JD taken a backseat.
  11. November
    November was about being alone, trying new things, becoming a new person, who was shaped by the events she had overcome and the ones she was working through.
  12. December
    December was about all these things: coming home to it being completely different, falling back in love with my friends, my home, and the life I had once had. But trying my hardest to still incorporate new fragments of my life. I think I've done an ok job. Here's to more, here's to 2016.
  13. Can I nominate people?
    This is not a tag but... People I want to see do this: @cawalsh @bunza @benhorwitz @sanakhan