Here's why it's important friends.
  1. Background: Early today at 11:30AM, led by Rep. John Lewis (D) of Georgia, dozens of House Democrats staged a sit in on the floor of the House chamber to demand that the House vote on gun control before the Independence Day Recess.
  2. On Monday, the Senate votes against four different measures on gun control.
  3. Even before this, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that it would never get to the House floor.
  4. This sit in is not being broadcast on C-SPAN because House Republicans gavelled into mandatory recess meaning all C-SPAN cameras were effectively shut off for the recess, as they usually are
  5. However, C-SPAN cameras are often not shut off until everyone is done speaking.
    The gaveling to recess is an incredibly disrespectful move to House Democrats despite one of the unspoken moves of government being unbounding and utmost respect even toward your opponents.
  6. But how can they do this? How can they just prevent a bill from being voted on?
  7. The House Majority Leader and House Speaker decide when bills are put on the calendar and where they are heard.
    What this means is that bills can sit here literally forever.
  8. I'm not going to talk about gun control other than to say this.
  9. It is important that you listen to what people are saying. Because not only do we not have laws on gun violence, we don't have research on gun violence because in the '90's, Republican congress defunded the CDC research on gun violence.
    Not only that they banned that any money to the CDC be allotted to research on the effects of gun violence.
  10. We have not only allowed people to buy guns, but stopped research from the smartest people in the world to be done.
    We have stopped the growth of knowledge to protect guns in this country.
  11. And on top of that have not allowed gun records to be electronically kept making it virtually impossible to keep a database of gun ownership.
  12. In 2014, the NRA gave money to 200 Republicans and 11 Democrats in the House.
  13. 89 people die from gun violence every single day in America
    Preschoolers practice lockdowns for what happens if a shooter comes into their school.
  14. I urge you, friends, please listen to the House Democrats. Please listen to the stories that they are telling.
  15. The House is currently broadcasting via Scott Peters @ScottPetersSD on Periscope.
  16. House Democrats are not asking for House Republicans to change their minds on gun control.
  17. They are asking them to vote
  18. This is your job.
  19. They are asking them to vote no, if they so choose and then if they must, own up to their constituents.
  20. House Democrats are telling the stories of survivors and victims of Gabby Giffords, who herself is a victim of gun violence.
  21. Paul Ryan, this is not a "publicity stunt."
  23. I am proud to be an American and I am proud to live in a country where politicians are willing to own up to and fight for their constituents. I am proud of politicians who do not give into inaction but rather speak even when they are silenced.
  24. American is speaking. Listen to them.
  25. Among those at the sit in are Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Nancy Pelosi (House Minority Leader).
  26. C-Span may turn back on now for a vote. Periscope will go off is C-Span goes on.
    As far as I can tell, they are going through speaking order.
  27. The House has scheduled a 10 PM EST in time to vote on unrelated legislation.
    House Democrats are prepared to stay all night and will continue to broadcast on periscope if C-Span cameras are turned on then off.
  28. Text DEMAND ACTION to 644-33 to make a call for gun safety.