This is a self care list. I'm someone who feels things very deeply, it captures my whole body, makes me feel like I want to throw up. I feel like I've gone through much of today in a daze.
  1. Center yourself with meditation
    It sounds so stupid, I know. Focusing on your breathing and closing your eyes in silence can do wonders for you. My heart rate goes up when I'm anxious and so just sitting quietly with my eyes closed for like ten to fifteen minutes makes me feel exceptionally better.
  2. ASMR
    Not everyone likes ASMR, but for me, it is extremely calming. I really like the sound of whispering, and if you do too, check out Dodie Clark's take a moment.
  3. Disconnect.
    Technology is extremely overwhelming. It feels like everything is jumping out at you all at once and you can't pull yourself away, but you can. Ignorance is not acceptable, but if you are feeling overwhelmed from responses from the news from everything, you can pull yourself away, even for an hour. It is a distraction technique, but sometimes that is what you need just to be able to go back and reflect.
  4. Drink some tea
    This is for two reasons. Dehydration makes anxiety symptoms worse. Drinking tea is a slow, calm activity.
  5. Journal
    I am a low commitment journal-er because I can't commit to writing every day, but I do it because I'm a nostalgic person. Allowing myself to feel very deeply by writing allows me to also let those feelings go — not to suddenly feel nothing but to be able to channel negative energy, into something so that I can allow more positive elements to consume me.