1. Make sure all your friends hate you.
    See also: DONT BE MY FRIEND
  2. Always let your food go cold before eating.
    Bonus points if you also let your friends food go cold before eating.
  3. Stop for fairy lights. You MUST always stop for fairy lights.
    Rittenhouse at Christmas time is my happy place. ✨
  4. In all seriousness...
  5. Pick a definitive theme for your Instagram.
    I find that the color scheme of my instagram tends to change with the seasons. Right now during autumn, it's very orange and red and yellow. During the summer it was very blue. I've gone through stages of focusing on a certain color and that shows in my instagram.
  6. Use filters sparingly.
    I find that for me, right now, I prefer using VSCO A3 and S2. Over the summer I was using a lot of F1. I care a lot (A LOT) about how my feed looks as a whole. If you're using the same one or two filters, there is a consistency to the feed. Focus on the photo rather than the filter. There's only so much a filter can do. Instead, become accustomed to using the actual editing tools, exposure, contrast, etc.
  7. Composition is key.
    I really take a lot of flat lays, which is where i sort of started this idea but it comes into play everywhere. There are angles that are just more visually appealing. When i take a flat lay, I often move the things around multiple times and change the angle of my camera multiple times and then go back and look at them and repeat the process over and over until i find something that is appealing to my eye.
  8. Take a million photos.
    My dad when he was young really loved photography and specifically, he loved film photography so he would hate me for saying this. But here we are in the digital age. Literally anyone can take good photos. Take enough of them, one is bound to turn out nice.
  9. Explore.
    Double entendre. Two things: follow people. I get shit from my photographer friends for doing this but following a ton of people and hash tagging the shit out of your posts is the best way to have your content be visible. The other thing is scout locations. I'm not ashamed that I sometimes will pick a coffee shop based on its aesthetic. I'm a bit of a homebody and having my instagram is an excuse to get out there and find new places, explore in the literal sense of the word.
  10. But really, really, really. Do whatever.
    I took a period of time earlier this year where I ditched my instagram because it was too much pressure. I was putting out content daily, not because I enjoyed taking photos or editing, but because I felt, even with the small number of people following me, like I had to. Don't fall into this. There are more and better things to do than focus on Instagram.