Backstory: I got my hair cut about two months ago and I got front bangs, a haircut which I haven't had since about first grade, but I love the look of see through bangs, so I decided to go for it.
  1. Wonder
    Prior to getting my bangs cut, I had long swept bangs, that could honestly just pass as having a long cut. I love the see through bangs look, but i didn't know if i could pull it off. Stage lasts about 2-5 months.
  2. Anticipation
    After I finally decided that I would be getting bangs, I flip flopped back and forth basically until I sat in the chair at the studio as to whether I would actually do it.
  3. Regret
    I pretty much immediately regretted cutting my hair. My hair overall was too short, it had been cut shorter than I wanted and the bangs on top of that hung straight into my eyes. My stylist also didn't really know how to style the hair such that it complemented the bangs. I was very slightly devastated.
  4. Guilt
    The good thing about see through bangs is that by changing your part you can virtually hide them, so that's what I did. I kept my part the same and just swept all my hair to the side. When pesky bangs would fall, Id just pin them back. But the guilt was that I'd paid so much money for a haircut that I couldn't even enjoy.
  5. Acceptance
    Ultimately I decided that I would just let the bangs grow out. My hair doesn't take that long to grow, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...
  6. Enjoyment
    Today is the first day I actually let my bangs hang down like they're supposed to and i'm enjoying it??? I actually really like them. Currently they hang past my eyes so they need a trim but bangs might be here to stay. Also i'm aware that my hair currently looks like a bad ombré apologies.
  7. Moral: cut your hair drastically, it's just hair.