Spoiler Alert: I am almost hit by a car... a lot.
  1. Almost got hit by a car.
  2. Got snowed on.
  3. Made drinking chocolate and promptly dumped my drinking chocolate because drinking chocolate is gross.
  4. Bought flowers.
  5. Bought puzzles.
  6. Almost fell into the Central Park lake.
  7. Almost attacked by geese.
  8. Bought lavender.
  9. Stole sunflowers from friends. Then gave them back.
  10. Made this.
  11. And this.
  12. Also this.
  13. Bought a DD iced coffee and transferred it to a mason jar.
  14. Made a matcha iced latte, despite not liking matcha lattes. Also that cheese plate.
  15. Almost stung by all the bees. 🐝
  16. Narrowly missed by a car.
  17. Walked through a class of children.
  18. Bought macarons.
  19. And again.
  20. Also.
  21. Broke into a locked studio.
  22. Got on the treadmill. (And ran because I was too awkward to just get off).
  23. Nearly hit by a taxi.
  24. And again.
  25. Got out the DSLR.
  26. Went on the top deck of a boat at 3am.
  27. I mean, you can guess. (Almost hit by a car).
  28. Stood on a bench at a packed market.
  29. Almost hit by a hoard of people running to Port Authority.