1. 🎶
  2. Body — Eric Nam x Timbaland
    Eric Nam's American music is such a change from his Korean stuff, but is genuinely so great. He's such a versatile singer and so wonderfully talented and kind as a person. Watch out for him. He's going to make it in the states.
  3. Hamilton Mixtape
    I like Hamilton but I've never loved Hamilton. On the other hand, I love the mixtape. Specifically Immigrants and Congratulations ugh great music.
  4. Unpretty Rap Star Vol. 3
    I've never been that into rap or hip hop but ugh every track from Unpretty Rap Star Volume 3 is so so good. If you're not sold on k-pop, really recommend k-hip hop. Unpretty Rap Star is a Korean reality tv show showcasing Korean female rappers. We don't even have that in the west, ugh I don't watch the show but highly recommend the album.
  5. I Don't Need a Man — Miss A
    This song is quite old. But I adore Min from Miss A she's adorable and this song was recommended, and really if you're looking for like lady power, wow this song is so catchy.
  6. 11:11 — TAYEON
    This song is so popular, so so popular and justifiably so. It's such a pretty ballad and would recommend.
  7. Pretty U — Seventeen
    My friend introduced me to this song last year and I don't know I enjoyed it but I wasn't particularly interested. This song came back as recommended on Spotify and its so cute honestly it's so cute. It's so cute.
  8. 💆🏻
  9. Tony Moly Snail Sheet Mask
    I have like not great acne scarring and it's gotten much better but I always have some lingering scarring. I bought this mask because I got guilted into it by the shopkeeper and it works so well, I can't even express it to you, it worked instantly.
  10. Chanel No. 5 L'eau
    I got to try this perfume out back in July at Chanel's headquarters in New York. It's basically a relaunch of Chanel No 5 for younger people. It smells gorgeous and ugh I love it so much, I waited so long to buy it.
  11. 📱
  12. SNOW
    omg the cutest filters on the planet ain't got nothin on snapchat + they're dynamic filters
  13. 💁🏻
  14. Chriselle Lim
    Chriselle is a model and online personality, and her Instagram and life and Youtube are just total goals. Do yourself a favor and watch her insta stories, her daughter is adorable.
  15. 👕
  16. Adidas
    I may have gone a little crazy buying things at Adidas. Also currently contemplating getting some customized holographic superstars. I have a problem.
  17. YesStyle
    I bought so much stuff from Yes Style during Black Friday and it's so affordable and just quality and stylish. And there's so much selection, wow.