January has been the longest month, jfc.
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    도깨비 or Goblin: The Lonely and Great
    I made literally everyone I know watch this show. It's the only Korean drama i've ever watched and it was so so good. Highly, highly recommend.
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    Sister's Slam Dunk
    It's been a long time since I've seen an all female cast that really supports each other in a non scripted way. Variety tv is sort of like reality tv but much more structured and you can tell that these women really love and support and want each other to succeed and for me that's so refreshing.
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    Running Man
    This is virtually all I've been watching in January and currently. There's over three hundred episodes so understandable, but it's just so much fun. (And not ending in February like it was supposed to which πŸ™ŒπŸ½)
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    Goblin OST
    On Spotify: Guardian (Original Television Soundtrack); Beautiful, heartbreaking.
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    Telegraph Ave/Sober β€” Daniela Andrade
    I usually hate mash ups. But this one I absolutely love. Just the soft rap and amazing way the two songs meld together is amazing.
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    Remember β€” S.E.S.
    S.E.S. had their twentieth anniversary comeback and just like to see a female friendship last so long especially in entertainment where after twenty years these women have been married and had kids and some all but left entertainment is so wonderful. Also Remember is just like a beautiful song.
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    Soko Glam
    I made a promise to myself not to spend money on clothes this month which I all but kept to with the exception of buying an Adidas hat. But I got some stuff from Soko Glam, an online store specializing in Korean beauty and the process was so smooth and they give you free stuff and when I had a problem with my order they got back to me super quick. The products are also incredible at first glance but I need to test them longer as well I think.