Disclaimer: This list is accurate as of publishing date and does not include those who have stated that they will not vote for Trump and have not endorsed Hillary.
  1. Harry Sloan
    Harry Sloan is a Hollywood mogul and major Republican donor. He is the former MGM CEO. In a statement, Sloan said: "As a businessman, a father, and a conservative it is clear to me that Hillary Clinton is the right choice in this election."
  2. William D. Ruckelshaus and William K. Reilly
    Ruckelshaus and Reilly both served as head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Republican presidents, Nixon and H.W. Bush, respectively. They said Trump has a "profound ignorance of science."
  3. Frank Lavin
    Frank Lavin was the White House Political Director under Reagan. In an op-ed for CNN, he slammed Trump on business stating, "the bankruptcies reflect a man who either lacks reasonable business judgement or reasonable business ethics."
  4. Chris Shays
    Chris Shays served 34 years as a Republican official in Connecticut and 13 years as a Republican Congressman. In an op-ed for CNN, he said "Donald Trump lost me long ago." And that he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton
  5. Lezlee Westine
    Westine was a White House aide to George H.W. Bush. She said Hillary Clinton can provide "steady and experienced leadership."
  6. William Milliken
    Milliken is the former Michigan governor. He stated that Trump does not reflect the ideals of "tolerance, civility, and equality."
  7. Richard Hanna
    Rep. Richard Hanna of New York was the first Republican congressman to openly support the Clinton campaign. In an op-ed for the Washington Post he stated that Trump is both "profoundly offensive and narcissistic" and "a world class panderer, anything but a leader."
  8. Meg Whitman
    Whitman is the former CEO of HP and a former California gubernatorial candidate. She has called Trump a "dishonest demagogue," and vowed to vote and raise money for Clinton.
  9. Sally Bradshaw
    Bradshaw is the top adviser to Jeb Bush. She has pledged to vote for Clinton and has left the Republican Party in favor of being an independent. She called Trump "a total narcissist, a misogynist, a bigot."
  10. Maria Comella
    Maria Comella is the former spokeswoman for both Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani. She said Trump "is playing on people's anxieties with loose information and salacious rhetoric."
  11. Charles Fried
    Charles Fried was the U.S. Solicitor General under the Reagan administration and is a current Harvard Law professor. He called Trump's tendencies "brutal, substantively incoherent, and authoritarian."
  12. Peter Mansoor
    Mansoor is a retired army colonel and former aide to Davis Petraeus. He said Trump was a danger to national security.
  13. Larry Pressler
    Pressler was a three term South Dakota Republican senator. He accused Trump and the Republican Party of obstructing much needed gun control reform after Orlando.
  14. Marc Andreessen
    Andreessen is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. He criticized Trump on immigration and openly backed Clinton at a technology conference in San Francisco.
  15. Richard Armitage
    Richard Armitage is the former deputy Secretary of State to George W. Bush and a retired Navy officer. He is one of the highest ranking former national security officials to support Clinton. He said Trump "doesn't appear to be a Republican, he doesn't appear to want to learn about issues," then openly endorsed Clinton, in a quote to Politico.
  16. Arne Carlson
    Arne Carlson is the former Minnesota Republican governor. He slammed Trump for his comments on John McCain, and mocking a disabled reporter and praised Clinton for her willingness to work with others.
  17. Brent Scowcroft
    Scowcroft served under four Republican presidents as a national security advisor. He praised Hillary Clinton saying she has "the wisdom and experience to lead our country at this critical time."
  18. Hamid Moghadam
    Moghadam is the CEO of Prologis and an Iranian immigrant.
  19. Dan Akerson
    Akerson is a former chairman and CEO of General Motors, as well as a former Navy officer. Of Hillary Clinton he said "[she] has the experience and judgement to serve as an effective Commander in Chief."
  20. Jim Cicconi
    Cicconi, a former aide to Reagan and George H.W, Bush and current senior Vice President at AT&T, warned that Trump would "set our nation in a very dark path." and that Hillary Clinton is "experienced, qualified, and will make a fine president."
  21. Henry Paulson
    Henry Paulson is the former treasury secretary under George H.W. Bush. He said in an op-ed to the Washington Post, that Trump represents "a brand of populism rooted in ignorance, prejudice, fear, and isolationism" and that he would not vote for Trump or write a cast in, but vote for Clinton.
  22. Kori Schake
    Schake was a George W. Bush NSA official. She stated that Trump's comments on women and minorities are "unconsciousable."
  23. Mark Salter
    Salter is a former top adviser to John McCain. He said that Trump "possesses the emotional maturity of a 6 year old" and that Clinton is "an adult" who "understands the responsibilities of an American president."
  24. Tony Fratto
    Fratto served as former deputy press secretary to George W. Bush. In a quote to the Hill, he said that Trump "is not fit for office."
  25. Mike Treiser
    Treiser who worked on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign said in a statement that "in the face of bigotry, hatred, violence, and small mindedness, this time, I'm with her."
  26. Alan Steinberg
    Steinberg, regional EPA administrator during the George W. Bush administration, who worked with Clinton as a U.S. Senator backed Ted Cruz in the primaries but will vote for Clinton in te General stating, "she can work with people on the opposite side of the political aisle."
  27. Craig Snyder
    Snyder is a Washington Lobbyist who has worked with ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. He called Trump unfit to be president and founded the group Republicans for Hillary 2016.
  28. William Oberdorf
    Oberdorf is a major Republican donor and California based investor who called Trump an unacceptable candidate. He had previously given over $3 million to the Republican Party since 2012. In a statement to the New York Times, he openly endorsed Clinton.
  29. Doug Elmets
    Doug Elmets is a former spokesman for Reagan. He said he could not live one day with Donald Trump as president and spoke at the DNC in favor of Clinton.
  30. Dr. Patrick Cronin
    Cronin served as a senior official at USAID during the Bush administration. He with one hundred foreign policy operatives penned a letter saying Trump would "make America less safe." He said, to the Daily Beast, "only one candidate had thought through America's challenges, understands policy, had a positive and inclusive vision, is smart about the world in which we live, and is ready to be president, and I intend to vote for her."
  31. Ken Adelman
    Adelman served as U.S. arms control director under Reagan. He told the Daily Beast, "I will vote for Clinton, simply because to not vote, or to vote Libertarian, would be half-vote for Trump."
  32. Max Boot
    Boot is adviser to GOP presidential candidates and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He said he would vote for Clinton in foreign policy grounds and that though he disagrees with her on a number of issues, he could "sleep at night if she takes command of the nuclear arsenal."
  33. Robert Kagan
    Kagan served in the State Department under the Reagan administration. He said his only choice is to vote for Hillary Clinton, in an op-ed for the Washington Post.
  34. Mike Fernandez
    Fernandez is a billionaire who has donated over $4 million to Republican candidates in recent elections. He backed Clinton after Jeb Bush dropped out of the race.
  35. Gordon Humphrey
    Humphrey is a former senator from New Hampshire. He called Trump a "sociopath."
  36. Michael Bloomberg
    Bloomberg served three terms as the Republican mayor of New York City. Previous to that he was a registered Democrat. He now identifies as an independent. His net worth is estimated at $48.2 billion. He endorsed Hillary Clinton at the DNC.
  37. This list consulted Daily Beast article: "All of the Top Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton Instead of Donald Trump", Time Article: "Here are the Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump," and CNN article "Which Republicans Oppose Trump and Why?"