Inspired by @aus10, @JennyJLee
  1. Not being asked whether you're an international student (by a professor) multiple times in multiple conversations (with the same professor)
  2. Not being shamed by cultural groups for not participating in said cultural groups
  3. Not being forced to go with friends to Asian restaurants because they're too afraid to go by themselves, despite the fact that I don't speak the language
  4. Not being looked down upon for not speaking a second and third language
  5. Not being shamed for being intelligent or liking math and science
    Why is being good at math or science a bad thing?
  6. Not being asked whether your parents are disappointed that you're not trying to be a doctor
  7. Not having people be surprised when you're interested in "western" activities/thoughts
  8. Not being asked for your opinions of kpop groups despite never showing any remote interest in kpop groups
  9. Not being shamed for not knowing everything about your culture
  10. Not having to ask your friends about jokes you're making to check whether or not you're being insensitive to white culture
    Why do you wear shoes in the house????
  11. Not having people assume that you're related to every single person with the same last name as you
    I have a cross cultural last name which ranks amongst the most common family names in multiple countries. Obviously I'm not related to everyone with the same last name.
  12. Not having people say "you're only doing that because you're Asian" when you take interest in something culturally relevant to you
  13. Not being underrepresented in new media despite making up the majority of the world populagion
  14. Not being shamed for not being good at something
    "What do you mean you can't do [insert subject name here]? You're Asian?"
  15. Not having people say to you: "I can't be racist against you. You're Asian."
  16. Not having white people tell you when you get your culture "wrong"
  17. Not being considered the "diversity candidate"
  18. Not being told "your English is very good."
  19. Not being asked, "no, but what's your real name?"