The only acceptable reasons not to vote are (1) not being an American citizen and (2) not yet being 18 years of age.
  1. Hello friends, the New Jersey and California primaries begin today at 6AM EST. And you must vote.
  2. Even if your candidate is the presumptive nominee for your party, you must vote.
  3. Here's why:
  4. Every person gets one vote.
    Your vote counts as much as the vote of the most powerful man in the country, of the CEO of every company, of every lawmaker and every superpac.
  5. Your one vote matters.
    Voting relies on the public, on the population. Every vote matters, if not on the outcome of the election then on the way in which your community is perceived by the electorate. If you don't vote, not only do you not get a say in the election, your voice is unheard and frankly, you are no longer part of a constituency which your lawmakers care about.
  6. Even if your state is perceived to be going to a specific candidate, your vote counts.
    I am a registered voter in New Jersey. There is almost no doubt that Hillary Clinton will win New Jersey. HOWEVER, if every Clinton supporter in the state decided that because Clinton was set to win, their vote was pointless, New Jersey would absolutely go to Bernie. So I must go to the polls tomorrow.
  7. Voting does not take long.
    There are lines and depending on time and polling place, this could take an extremely long time. If you do not have time to vote in the general election, strongly consider early or absentee voting. We account for those who do not have time.
  8. Change starts with the people who care about it.
    Let me be clear. There are problems with our system of government, and there are problems with our laws but our system nor our society is terrible or unchangeable. Voting is the easiest and perhaps most effective (arguable) way inside changing government and creating a body of laws which cater to your individual as well as societal needs.
  9. Even if you don't care, it effects you.
    The stances of each of the politicians running will effect your daily life and societal life and political life and work life in some way. It absolutely will. Get educated. Politics can be sexy, and cool and is extremely interesting. Watch The West Wing, it helps.
  10. If you did not vote or will not vote in this primary, because you are not registered, please register to vote.
    Go to to find out how to register in your state.
  11. Explore options of absentee voting if you will not be in your state of residence or near your personal polling place this November
    This is too late for the primaries, but especially as a student, I will be away from home during the election and need an absentee ballot early.
  12. FOR NEW JERSEY, if you have registered to vote with no party affiliation, and this is your very first primary, you can still vote! You may declare party affiliation at the polls. YOU DO NOT NEED ID AT THE POLLS UNLESS YOU DID NOT PROVIDE IDENTIFICATION INFO AT REGISTRATION OR YOUR FIRST TIME ID INFO CANNOT BE VERIFIED.
    I don't know about California dudes, I'm from New Jersey. It's real easy to google it.
  13. Please, please vote.