1. "Where are you working now?" (Comedy theatre)
  2. "How's college?" (I graduated)
  3. "You moved? How are you paying rent?" (I don't know)
  4. "Do you still work at Rainn Wilson's place?" (No)
  5. "Do you still work for Rainn Wilson?" (No)
  6. "Do you still work for Dwight?" (No)
  7. "Do you have a boyfriend?" (No)
  8. "Did you brush your hair?" (No)
  9. "Did you eat yet?"(Yes)
  10. "Why are you so skinny?" (I'm the same)
  11. "Are you eating?" (Yes)
  12. "Are you cold?" (Probably)
  13. "Are you hungry?" (Probably)
  14. "Are you doing stand-up?" (No)