1. the number of times I apologize
  2. the number of episodes I binge watch in a row
    average: 4
  3. the number of songs I remember off John Legend's first album from 2004
  4. the number of unsolicited hugs I give
    average range: 9-17
  5. how passionate I talk about boycotting Disneyland because of its lack of Ratatouille
  6. how many movies I rent from the library
    average: 4
  7. how many times I watch You've Got Mail in a week
    average: 2
  8. how many times I watch While You Were Sleeping in a week
    average: 3
  9. the volume on my radio
  10. how far back I go into my own Twitter account
    average: three months
  11. the number of donuts I eat
    average: 2
  12. how many versions of the same photo are in the camera roll
    average: 7
  13. the number of Twitter drafts
    currently: 32
  14. swigs of zzzquil
  15. the number of seemingly forced high-fives
  16. number of hours I sleep
    average: 4