I find it unfortunate when people don't have favorites. Seriously, no preferences, guy? If you're ever on a date with me in the future, please be prepared to get excited about at least one of the following:
  1. Favorite ice cream flavor(s)
  2. Favorite band(s)
  3. Favorite piece(s) of classical music
  4. Favorite thing(s) to order at a sushi restaurant
  5. Favorite movie(s)
  6. Favorite beer(s)
  7. Favorite wine varietal(s)
  8. Favorite music or theater venue(s)
  9. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show(s)
  10. Favorite burger joint(s)
  11. Favorite fancy shmancy restaurant(s)
  12. Favorite running route(s)
  13. Favorite place you've ever been ever