1. Favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip
  2. Favorite band: Punch Brothers
  3. Favorite piece of classical music: Ravel's String Quartet (2nd mvmt specifically, played by the Emerson String Quartet)
    Maybe I'll write a list just on my fav pieces of classical music, but for now, Ravel's only string quartet is far and away my favorite.
  4. Favorite thing to order at a sushi restaurant: hamachi nigiri
  5. Favorite movie: Batman
    Keaton, of course
  6. Favorite beer: Allagash white
  7. Favorite wine varietal: Pinot noir (from Burgundy)
  8. Favorite music or theater venues: Loeb Drama Center, the Met, Boston Symphony Hall, Dallas Symphony Hall, Greek National Opera House (under construction :)
  9. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show: The Bachelorette
  10. Favorite burger joint: Bartley's
    More out of nostalgia than the burgers themselves
  11. Favorite fancy shmancy restaurant: Huh. Guess it's not that fancy. Oleana in Cambridge. Mmmm.
  12. Favorite running routes: 1. Harvard to BU bridge and back along the Charles. 2. Central Park loop
  13. Favorite place I've ever been ever: Telluride, CO