1. Turnstyle Cycle
    I can't believe one of my favorite spots is a spin studio, but seriously this place is aaaaaaawesome.
  2. Area Four
    Did you know that all the neighborhoods in Cambridge are numbered? Area Four is the only one that doesn't have another name though (eg Central Sq, Kendall Sq). I loved living in Area Four. Made me feel like I was in Hunger Games. Or District B13.
  3. Le Laboratoire Cambridge
    Very cool new exhibition space exploring the intersection of art and science. My favorite intersection. Also at their bar you can imbibe whisky via a vaporizer.
  4. Fuji
    Sushi place across from my apt. Solidly good. I think I eat one of their bento boxes at least three times a week.
  5. Charles River
    The Cambridge side obvs.