Backward Progression of Thoughts from Discovery of to Publishing First List

  1. {I'm definitely not bored tonight!}
  2. It's pretty good. I am making up my own. Right now. Because I'm basically a pro.
  3. Well. It's published.
  4. Tap *Publish*
  5. Re-read 15 times. Fear of all grammarians on grows.
  6. Crap! How do I find my draft? It's not here! Oh...never mind...found it.
  7. Publish?? No no no. Draft this sucka!
  8. ....add an extra. On my first list. I'm so cheesy.
  9. Hmmm, gotta change the title to Five, because I can't edit down.
  10. This is really fun. Like, I'm enjoying every part of making this list!
  11. "Three Happy Moments From The Past Week"
    Perfect! Just use pictures from my phone, and reflect on my week. Love it.
  12. Ok. Imma do this. Just. Pick. One.
  13. I love this app so much. I have to do it. Just. Make. One.
  14. *tap list* hahahhaa!! So true! *tap list* omg I have thought the SAME thing! Oh! @Boogie has a new list! *tap* yup. Always nails it.
  15. Whoa. I've not been on in weeks. Weeks!
  16. Quiet, uninterrupted time. App roll call. Insta...insta stories...snapchat...bored...Facebook..for one second, when political psychotic mess explodes...Barf.
  17. Weeks pass.
  18. Yup. Read all these yesterday and the day before.
  19. Read all these yesterday. Maybe I should follow more people?
  20. Hmmm...a few new ones today.
  21. Days of exploring. Loving the community. Gotta bring all my friends here!
  22. Relatable lists! Friendly community! This seems relatively ignorance and bigot free! Hahaha, this @Boogie woman (ha. Boogie woman...sorry) is really funny. Oh wow! She's the same age as me! I'm not too old for!
  23. Install. Account setup. Here we go.
  24.'s a real thing! It's an app! Well if he made it, I will probably like it."
  25. "Look at this! @bjnovak posted this logo because it looks like it says 'lust'," I tell my husband. I show him #picturesoftext from time to time, and was checking out old posts, because I was bored. "Wait. I'm an idiot...."
    "She thought whaaaaaaaa??" Yes. I know 😂