And still do
  1. My first hamster Peanut
    We didn't know if it was a boy or girl and it bit everyone.
  2. My second hamster Kohco
    She lived for four years until she got a tumour. I thought I was cool spelling her name like that.
  3. Mylo
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    He's 8 and going grey because Jasmine stresses him out. He got his nails cut once and the groomer said she had never heard a dog scream before.
  4. Jasmine
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    She's 7 with an obsessive personality. Her favourite thing is following Mylo around and growling at people.
  5. Jake
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    My dad's dog, he's a little cloud and loves cuddles off women.
  6. The kitten next door
    He tries to follow me into my house and meows in the garden to wind the dogs up.
  7. My primary school best friend's dog
    A big German shepherd who helped me conquer my fear of dogs.
  8. My secondary school best friend's dog
    A Jack Russell like Jasmine but less highly strung.
  9. My best friends' dogs
    Two little chihuahua beasts that fart all the time and a lanky black lab who eats everything.
  10. My dad's birds Posh, Becks, Romeo and Juliet
    Romeo is the only one left and he likes to join in conversations extra loudly so you don't forget he's there.