This is dangerous
  1. When you love a good IV
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    cause taking vitamins the old fashioned way just doesn't do it anymore. And it will stop a cold dead in its tracks.
  2. Ali Stroker
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    Ali Stroker is learning to fly.
  3. VIBES
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    Tis the season to be jolly lalalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaa
  4. Redecorated my parents place
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    How'd I do?
  5. Intermission Selfie
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    intermission is that fun time where you shove chocolate and almond butter into your mouth as fast as you can, have the rest of your Trenta Iced Green Tea, check Twitter to see who's at the show, check Instagram for pictures of puppies, AAAND take selfies cause your hair/make up hasn't been ruined by Totally Fucked yet. 😘