1. Do u ever have those days
  2. You know what kind of days they are
  3. They're days when you just want to scream
  4. Days when you want to cry
  5. Days when you feel hopeless and unworthy
  6. Days when you feel as if you have no real friends, and the friends you do have don't care about you.
  7. Days when you fail a management test you studied two weeks for but only made a 50.
  8. Today was one of those days
  9. I usually don't rant
  10. But today was probably the worst day I've had in months, maybe even years
  11. But I was able to get through it
  12. And you can too.
  13. Don't let days like this be your last, no matter how hard you want them to be.
  14. Days come and go but your life matters..