1. Put so much energy into friendships that were so meaningless to the other person.
  2. Ate pizza like twice a week, now working out is harder.
  3. Stressed out about things that I could not control.
  4. Lied to myself about things that were actually hurting me.
  5. Convinced myself that if I didn't have a 4.0 I was worthless, I was wrong because my identity should not be in my grades.
  6. Lowered my standards for a boy who wasn't worth shots of alcohol to poison my heart.
  7. Said things to intentionally hurt someone because I was hurting myself
  8. Lost myself in the eyes of a boy who left me crying.
  9. Made working out my New Years resolution because it didn't happen... Lol
  10. Bought a sports pass because I never go to football games, like what even is football? I'm a bad Ag.
  11. Avoided studying, now my GPA is suffering.
  12. But I have no regrets
  13. You live and you learn
  14. I'm only 19, I still have a chance to conquer the world.
  15. Live with no regrets friends
  16. Everything happens for a reason