We all got a best friend, but we don't all have a soulmate, Marg is my soulmate.
  1. She can literally quote anything in the Harry Potter books.
  2. She's read the series more than she's read the Bible
  3. Sonic is her favorite place but be careful if there isn't Dr. Pepper she will be pissed a'f.
  4. Twenty-one pilots are HER favorite band. That is all. It doesn't need any explaining.
  5. She hates the clowns that have arrived in college station and seeing her freak out about it is my favorite thing
  6. She always wants whataburger.
  7. She loves the Aggies & is the definition of a red-ass
  8. I'm in love with her family and I'm moving in one day with them for law school.
  9. Fort-Worth is not Dallas. Don't you dare say that to her.
  10. Baylor is the worst. And she hates them a lot, but it's okay Grace abounds.
  11. I'm currently missing her right now and writing this list is making me miss her more.
  12. she's also a fan of Kanye.
  13. In another life I'm sure she would've been a rapper/ wife of josh dun.
  14. She likes to hold people's hands and make u feel loved
  15. She hates feet. Like I'm pretty sure she hates her own as well??? Hmmm.
  16. Africa isn't a country. It is a continent.
  17. She has great music taste way better than mine.
  18. She will hear you rant about boys and drama and still love u.
  19. She's the greatest friend anyone can ever have, and I miss her dearly.