1. You get greeted with howdy almost every day
  2. Football is Life here so get ready for some Fighting Texas Aggie football.
  3. We have one of the best engineering programs in the world (#10) to be exact.
  4. We don't just have engineers we have over 95 different majors you'll find something.
  5. We have over 800+ organizations on campus, WHOAH, so many options for every single thing & if we don't have it YOU can create it.
  6. Mostly everyone is very genuine & wants to be your friend.
  7. We have reveille as our mascot, and come on who doesn't want a cute mascot?
  8. We tailgate before every football game, so if you want to get a beer with friends you can every weekend.
  9. If you want to get your Jesus on you can also we have a weekly bible study where thousands of students come together & worship Jesus HOW COOL IS THAT?
  10. When you're almost a senior you have the opportunity to get your very own Aggie ring, it is a great way of connecting with former students, and also just reminiscing on the good Ol' days.
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  11. We have some of the most beautiful traditions on the planet, and we always remember the fallen.
  13. If you walk under our century tree with the girl/guy you love legend says that you'll be with them forever.
  14. Once you're an Aggie, you're always an Aggie.
  15. It starts with Howdy, but it doesn't end until your name is called at Muster... And they say "here" because you'll always be a part of the Aggie family even after the time has come for you to pass away.