Reasons why you should enjoy being single..

Before you read this just know I know people will have totally different opinions, but I just wanted to share why I think being single is awesome!
  1. You're still figuring yourself out
    You're young, live a little before you decided to commit. Learn about who you are, what you want in a relationships, etc.
  2. You get to learn how to be independent
    Have you ever dated someone who was dependent to you/ you where dependent on them? Isn't it shitty? While you're single you get to learn how to be alone and be okay with it.
  3. You get to flirt
    Come on, I enjoy this one a lot LOL. You get to flirt and be friends with guys/girls without having to feel like you have to set boundaries with your guy/girl friends.. it's awesome
  4. You get to grow in your relationship with your girls/ boys
    Having strong friendships is important... who will you turn to after you get dumped? Your friends. Friendship is so valuable.