1. When people use my name while talking to me
  2. The smell of rain and the feeling of the world after it's rained
  3. The smell of cold
  4. Baking while Netflix is on
  5. Hearing a song I've heard a million times and getting goosebumps because I understand it now
  6. Feeling heard
  7. Langley's nose
  8. Grace
  9. Tatine
  10. Coming into work and being greeted
  11. The feel of sand on my feet
  12. Long car rides where I'm alone with my music
  13. Getting close to someone new
  14. Being hugged without offering one, because I'm unable to initiate hugs
  15. Being tagged in pictures of old memories on Instagram
  16. Getting a text from a friend when I'm sad, like they know I need it
  17. Slipping into bed after a productive day
  18. Compliments about my personality
  19. Putting on my makeup
  20. Putting on a new outfit and knowing I look good
  21. Driving really fast
  22. Naps
  23. Spicy food
  24. Being told it's ok not to be perfect
  25. Being appreciated
  26. Lake Murray
  27. Standing in front of a room of people listening to me
  28. Feeling respected
  29. People asking for advice