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After four and a half years and two kids, I'm a well-oiled bedtime machine over here. Except when it all falls apart. Here's what not to do:
  1. Begin with plans.
    Nothing concrete- you've got kids, though, so it's not like you had real plans anyway. But think about something that can happen after a smooth bedtime. 'Maybe if I get her to sleep, I could sneak away and grab a coffee with...' Good luck with that.
  2. Add a tired kid.
    Really tired. If there's already been a meltdown about the blue jammies, but not those blue jammies, the other blue jammies; and if there have never been any blue jammies to begin with, you've got a solid three hours of bedtime ahead, guaranteed.
  3. Follow the routine, but...
    ...oh just skip bath time, they're not that gross today anyway. They're so tired. Just do a quick version, you're in a rush.
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OH, I had such high aspirations for today...and this little gem of an app has blown them all away!
  1. Work. I started the edits to revamp the chapter I need to finish so I can graduate- but THEN I discovered this! Let's be honest, this discovery will have a bigger global impact than my chapter edits.
  2. Coffee. Sure, it's just down the hall, but LOOK! Tim Hortons has a list RIGHT HERE! This is golden.
  3. Halloween costumes. Yes, time is ticking and I've got some intense pressure from a three-foot-aspiring Ninja Turtle and his 2.5 foot sister. Does MacGyver have the List App? I've got some duct tape and a box of paper clips but I'm at a loss here.
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