Based on personal experience and beautiful travels
  1. Do : Travel to Colmar France
    Exquisite, Dainty and Disney World-ish. Europe in Spring Time is definitely an experience to beat!
  2. Do : Travel to Paris
    I attended a cook'n with class course which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who visits Paris
  3. Do : take a trip, anywhere, with both of your parents
    I was lucky enough to go to Switzerland with both my parents and then continue to road trip to 7 beautiful little towns in Europe with only my mom.
  4. Don't : do something that you do not want to do!
    I think this one in pretty self-explanatory
  5. Do : Find your passion and fall in love with it
    For me it's Baking. I could get lost in recipes and spend hours doing nothing but practicing icing techniques. I decided to pursue my passion and open a bakery one day. Perhaps culinary school?
  6. Don't : be lazy!
    My dad calls us " can do kids". Do as much as you can which includes a job! I promise you, if you do nothing you'll be bored.
  7. Don't : be selfish
    If someone needs something, help them out! It's part of the enjoyment ; helping other people stay stress free and happy
  8. Do : Have the time of your life :)