.. And will do my very best to make happen. In order of importance and " want" to me.
  1. To get married and have babies
    Still a while away as I am single, and 18. But a girl can dreeaaaamm!
  2. For my sister to stay sober and clean
    It's been a rough battle but after over a year in rehab she appears to be coming right. She turns 22 this year and we have been battling for roughly 5 years. ( she's the third out of 4 of us)
  3. To own a bakery
    It's the dream. I love to bake. I want a glass bakery on a hill with an exquisite view. I call it my destination bakery :)
  4. For my dads business to work
    He's getting older and I can tell he is itching to retire. Here's to hoping my pops gets that ASAP
  5. For all of to overcome our history
    I've had a bit of a rough start, as have my sisters. Our family has a lot of mental illness and I would really love if we could all come out on top. I want happiness for us all :)
  6. Finally, to change a life.
    Everyone needs help. I want to do right by all people that cross my life and I hope to impact people positively always