1. I'm up before my baby is up. How did this happen?
  2. I should try and go back to sleep.
  3. It's 5:20 am
  4. Oh right, the dog woke me up.
  5. I'll just stare at the baby monitor
  6. Oh she's so sweet
  7. The dog is in my bed. Ugggghhh
  8. My hip hurts. I can't roll over because the dog is in the bed and if I wake the dog the dog will wake the baby
  9. There's a pancake house by the farm with a petting zoo
  10. Pancakes
  11. Coffee
  12. Pancakes
  13. My baby girl is so cute.
  14. What time is it? 6:15?
  15. I've been up for an hour now. Why didn't I go back to sleep?