Commonly discussed on Facebook posts of people you went to high school with, during polite conversations at work, or stated while trying to find things to say to distant relatives.
  1. Stating that they feel pressured ordering at Starbucks because the menu is too complicated.
    "I don't want a mocha frappe latte with extra whip, just a plain old coffee for me!!!" "What even are these cup sizes??"
  2. Talking about how they hate the word 'moist'
    There are plenty of other, unarguably more cringe-worthy terms to choose from. This doesn't make you unique.
  3. Saying that people don't know how to communicate now that there are cell phones.
    I would rather be on my phone than listen to someone complain about this.
  4. How they can't stand bad grammar.
    Loose you're holier-than-thou attitude!
  5. Pointing out that there are bigger issues that we should be concerned about when people are debating fun, dumb things.
    Can't a girl argue if a hot dog is a sandwich or not w/out being reminded that there are bigger problems in the world?
  6. Rolling your eyes that everyone has become too sensitive.
    Tbh, this is super rude and insensitive.
  7. Saying how the Kardashians (or Nickelback or Miley or Justin) are awful / undeserving of their fame.
    These jokes are overused & I mean, you sound super salty. Also Pitbull really is the worst.
  8. People complaining
    How meta.