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    Top 2! Here we go!
  2. 2.
    Aw, the Philippines was so close.
  3. 3.
    Is it just me or does Miss Colombia look like Gloria from Modern Family?
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Because otherwise I'd get an earful from her.
  1. Tattoos
    Not that I would get one. But she also strongly believes that people with henna tattoos look like convicts.
  2. Alcohol/alcohol breath
    With the exception of wine, champagne, and a frozen margarita.
  3. Identities of guys I have dated/am currently dating
  4. Tan lines
    "Not in a million years is my daughter going to get dark!"
Styling and confidence tips from THE SXY goddess, Mia.
  1. Know your body type
  2. Dress for your body type
  3. Be proud of your body type
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