I didn't throw away my shot to learn more about Hamilton the Musical when I sat down with Lin-Manuel Miranda: http://yhoo.it/1ROXKcA
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    Lin-Manuel Miranda originally thought of "Hamilton" as a concept album, not as a stage production.
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    Lin-Manuel Miranda spent six years writing "Hamilton".
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    Angelica Schuyler was actually married at the time that she met Alexander Hamilton, but Miranda felt the narrative would be better if she was unmarried when they met. (And it totally works!)
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    Eliza Hamilton lived until she was 97.
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    Miranda knew by the 2nd chapter of Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton that his story should be set to hip-hop music.
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    When Miranda was a teen, the musical "Rent" made a lasting impression on him.
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    Miranda wrote his Tony-winning musical In the Heights when he was in college.
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    According to Miranda, the character of Hamilton speaks more words than there are in Shakespeare's "King Lear" or "Othello".