1. Scrape my tongue + brush my teeth
  2. Drink a bunch of water
  3. TM meditation 20 minutes
  4. Go on a long walk. Or Listen to NPR on the drive to a class...
  5. Movement:: barre class // yoga // walk
  6. Optional:: stop for green juice at DROUGHT.
  7. Journal // morning pages // write list for day .
  8. Do a creative task or the most important "eat the frog task"
  9. Try to think affirmations like "today is an amazingly awesome day" or while listening to music & getting dressed. Or at least try to not think any negative ones...
  10. Make super strong Yerbe matè tea.
  11. Make breakfast (usually cut a green apple sprinkle with cinnamon, sea salt, a huge scoop of nut butter...usually pumpkin seed butter).
  12. Drink tea while eating breakfast & listening a podcast or YouTube video interview.
  13. Start work.