Thoughts I Had at a Contemporary Ballet

For the record it was amazing
  1. Wow I'm out of shape
    I can count his abs through that "shirt"
  2. But can they do the Macarena?
    I think I have that one on them
  3. Why is there an intermission with one dance left?
  4. This is not as long as I thought
  5. Now I have enough time for Krispy Kremes after
    I could probably eat more doughnuts than the performer
  6. Why am I so competitive?
  7. If we were in the hunger games together I think that one would kill me first
  8. I wonder if they know the dance to Bet On It in High School Musical 2
  9. Don't fall asleep, don't fall asleep...
    I don't care how soothing Bach is, it is not the time or place
  10. How many times are they gonna bow, I can't clap much longer