Thank you ABC for reminding me this was on my binge list, and thank you Hulu for being my commercial-free option!. Only 9 episodes in and I just cannot handle the level of late 90's awesomeness
  1. The clothes. OMG, Felicity's sweaters.
  2. The very special episodes
    Already we've covered Armed Robbery, had a cheating scandal; and seen a two-part episode dealing with rape, and I've got 3.5 seasons left to go.
  3. Pay Phones and land lines in general
  4. Is that Jennifer Garner, the so far unseen Hannah. Who knew???
  5. The DJ at the dorm party was using cassettes - what?!?!
  6. No one dare tell me who Felicity ends up with - I've made it 18 years without knowing this info - just have to make it one more month