My Ideal Care Package

For any occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Wednesday
  1. Bottle caps
    I like my soda sugar free but love my soda flavored candy full of it. Best part of Halloween is that little packs of these are floating around in the universe.
  2. Cute notebook
    I will love it and write in a few pages eventually and then put it in my drawer for safe keeping.
  3. Fiction book
    Preferably a good one and non-crime based thriller. A little mystery is ok.
  4. An AMC giftcard
    I totally support the new recliner set up at the movies. How did we live so long without this. Cannot psd judgment on movie choice.
  5. Frosty Paws
    Because spoiling my pup is a favorite pastime.
  6. Jesse Spencer
    A girl's gotta dream.