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  1. Nerds.
  2. Rowdy teens.
    They yell things out in the theater...trying to show everyone they are super funny cool guys...but secretly everyone just pities their effort.
  3. The indifferent wife/girlfriend.
    She's just there to support her super nerd and ask annoying questions throughout the movie.
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  1. A puppy named Kevin.
    It's been me dream for a while now.
  2. A goldfish named Kevin.
  3. A small manageable pig named Kevin.
    This has been my dream longer.
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  1. Spacing out
  2. Coffee
  3. The gift of time
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  1. How do you pronounce @Gaydos
    I've heard it said different ways and now I feel insecure about how I have been pronouncing Matts name
  2. The taste of Aspirin kind of reminds me of Cactus Cooler
    I'm not overdosing ...don't worry
  3. There is nothing more disgusting than a runny nose
    Well puke is grosser...but I don't have that. I just have a cold. So my runny nose is like barf but not really
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  1. Project Runway
    Tim Gunn and I could change the world
  2. Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives
    I mean...I live this show
  3. Cupcake Wars
    Seems like the easiest, lamest hosting gig that ends with an "all you can eat" cupcake buffet
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  1. Miniature potbelly pig named Kevin Bacon.
  2. Powder Blue Vespa named Veronica.
  3. Goldfish for my desk named Kyle.
  4. Invisibility Cloak.
  1. They are delicious.
    I can eat at least 9 or 10
  2. I love candy that is also good for you.
  3. I get so excited when I get the "Dino".
  4. I love something to look forward to in the morning.
  1. I hope I don't get murdered.
  2. Where is the remote?
  3. Why do the clothes in my closet look like people?
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  1. Someone asking you to pass some TP
    Then you see the dreaded hand come into your stall from the one next to you
  2. Plop sounds
    Self explanatory
  3. Groaning followed by plop sounds
    Self explanatory
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