1. How do you pronounce @Gaydos
    I've heard it said different ways and now I feel insecure about how I have been pronouncing Matts name
  2. The taste of Aspirin kind of reminds me of Cactus Cooler
    I'm not overdosing ...don't worry
  3. There is nothing more disgusting than a runny nose
    Well puke is grosser...but I don't have that. I just have a cold. So my runny nose is like barf but not really
  4. The Food Network is the worst thing to watch because I'm hungry....but I can't Smell or taste right now
  5. My favorite color is purple
    Right now anyways.
  6. October really does yield the worst scariest commercials
    Thinking about getting rid of TV so I don't have to watch anymore paranormal activity highlights. That crap is real Yo
  7. What dum dum deemed Sherbert the official sick person ice cream?
    Screw that crap. I'm eating mint chip tonight
  8. Ron!!!! Can you go to the store for mint chip?
  9. I hate gatorade
    But I hate water more. So...Gatorade it is.
  10. Why have I only texted with @brykelley 2 times today.
    I hope he still remembers me
  11. How come @jessicasanchez and I have not been to Paris in a Cup in like 4 years?
    I'm gonna plan it right now in my mind
  12. Who will Abby marry?
    I have an unpublishable wish list for this