Weird and terrible things I sometimes daydream about

These are normal right? Right?
  1. Various group scenarios where I am being hilarious.
    I can make myself laugh out loud with my excellent jokes that I'm delivering with perfect comedic timing. In my head.
  2. Saving people's lives. All sorts of scenarios. People drowning. Terrorist attacks. Heart attacks etc.
    Apparently, my high school lifeguard training will be incredibly useful in all of these situations
  3. Loved ones dying and my reactions.
    Sometimes I get teary in public about these ones. See also: delivering eulogies which I am incredibly eloquent
  4. Getting a) looked over for a well deserved promotion at work and being very dignified and getting a better job immediately after. Or b) getting the well deserved promotion and people applauding at my office.
    Seriously. What is wrong with me?
  5. Getting a divorce. And how my life would be.
    Weirdly this gets quite financial focused. How much will I be able to save a month etc.
  6. Giving birth. And being very brave and drug free throughout.
    Ha ha!
  7. My (non-existent) athletic prowess.