With LCD Soundsystem's big festival comeback, and with me being poor, in college, and in the middle of nowhere, I pay tribute to the people that taught me electronic music doesn't just have to be boring 30 minute songs made in some wannabes garage.
  1. Get Innocuous!
    You can normalize, don't it make you feel alive?
  2. You Wanted a Hit
    LCD doesn't get enough credit for writing the best diss song of all time. This one is played loud for all my haterzzzzzzz.
  3. Home
    I feel like this song was written especially for a college aged woman with a crippling fear of failure. "Do it right, make it perfect and real, because it's everything, though everything was never the deal." C'MON.
  4. New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
    It really is a tough time when you realize your home isn't where you belong. When packing for your escape, be sure to include the sentiment!
  5. Dance Yrself Clean
    SORRY I'M BASIC, but this was the LCD song that got me interested and moving. For that I'll be forever thankful (even though my eardrums explode every time the beat is dropped, will I ever learn?)