It's quiet out here when you're alone in the car
  1. Contemplate In-N-Out vs Taco Bell vs both. End up with both and a bonus KFC mashed potatoes. (KFC/Taco Bell combo location)
  2. Play the same song over and over again and sing it as loud as I can. Bleachers: I Wanna Get Better. Good and shouty.
  3. Wonder why they call it Redlands. It looks pretty brown to me.
  4. See an Olive Garden. Consider stopping because hey! Olive Garden.
  5. Can the whipping desert wind flip a Prius going 95 mph?
  6. Be kind of impressed I got my Prius to go 95 mph.
  7. Think of Julian from Less Than Zero. Sigh.
  8. Call everyone who is texting me so I don't text and drive. Laugh when they all send me to voicemail because who the fuck calls anyone anymore.
  9. Finally call my Mom back. She will answer because she doesn't know how to text.
  10. Keith Sweat in concert? Sign me up.
  11. Promise myself, yet again, that I will finally go to Glamis. Anything called Glamis must be awesome.