I'm planning on getting a fish to name after each one
  1. José Arcadio Buendía
    The OG. Founded the town. Introspective, curious about the world, likes when the gypsies come to town with new technology. Sat under a tree for a long time.
  2. Úrsula
    The matriarch and my personal favorite. Lives to be like 150+ years old and manages to hold it together through six generations of DRAMA.
  3. José Arcadio
    The first son. Strong-willed. Runs off with the gypsies and returns an enormous man covered in tattoos.
  4. Colonel Aureliano Buendía
    This dude. The second son, quiet and curious like dad. All about the war for a while, has 17 sons all named after him. Makes the little silver fish when he gets old. Legendary.
  5. Amaranta
    The daughter of the OG and Úrsula. My second favorite after Úrsula, probably because I found her hilarious when she was trying to sabotage Rebeca because they both loved the same guy. Then she burned her hands and died a virgin but accepted herself in the end. Loved her.
  6. Rebeca
    Ended up marrying José Arcadio. Lives in seclusion for most of her life after he dies.
  7. Pietro Crespi
    Beautiful Italian man who ran a music school. Became engaged to Rebeca, but Amaranta loved him and managed to postpone the wedding for years. Then José Arcadio came back and Rebeca wanted to marry him, so Pietro then tried to woo Amaranta but she bitterly rejected him and then he killed himself. Yikes.
  8. Remedios
    This really beautiful and really YOUNG girl that the Colonel falls in love with and insists on marrying. She died not long after they got married.
  9. Pilar Ternera
    A card reader who lives to be about 145 years old. She sleeps with Colonel Aureliano and José Arcadio and has their sons. She's closely tied with the Buendías and predicts their futures.
  10. Arcadio
    The son of José Arcadio and Pilar Ternera. He's a teacher but takes control of Macando after the Colonel leaves (and becomes a crazy tyrant). Ended up being shot by the Conservative firing squad.
  11. Aureliano José
    The son of Colonel Aureliano Buendía and Pilar Ternera. He joins his dad in the wars for a bit but comes back to Macando because he's obsessed with Amaranta, his aunt who raised him. He gets shot, too.
  12. Santa Sofía de la Piedad
    Pilar Ternera hires her to have sex with Arcadio and then they get married. She moves in with the Burndías after he gets killed and stays until Úrsula dies.
  13. Remedios the Beauty
    The daughter of Santa Sofía de la Piedad and Arcadio. Her beauty was deadly and out of this world. Really, several men died just trying to look at her and one day she just suddenly ascended into the sky.
  14. José Arcadio Segundo
    One of Santa Sofía de la Piedad and Arcadio's twin sons. He and his twin purposely switched their names a lot as children to confuse people, and at one point it seems like they actually switched because he starts to act like the Aurelianos of the family. He plays an important role in a workers strike and is the only survivor when all 300 workers are killed (TBT that part when he wakes up on a train full of all their dead bodies).
  15. Aureliano Segundo
    The other twin. Impulsive like the Arcadio's of the family. Married Fernanda, but lives with his mistress Petra Cotes for a while because their love inspires their farm animals to be fertile. Dies at the exact same time as his twin, and their bodies are mixed up at their burial.
  16. Petra Cotes
    THE CONCUBINE. Mistress of Aureliano Segundo, owner of very successful farm (until it rains for four years and all the animals die.) Sends food to Aureliano Segundo's wife after he dies.
  17. Fernanda del Caprio
    Was supposed to be a queen and somehow ended up marrying Aureliano Segundo. I pictured her walking around the Buendía house in a ballgown and tiara. Goes on a three page rant about how shitty her husband is, which was amazing. Is super paranoid and has a correspondence with the "invisible doctors" as she gets older.
  18. José Arcadio
    Son of Fernanda and Aureliano Segundo. Went off the Rome to become a priest, didn't, came back home and was obsessed with Amaranta. Found some treasure, got killed over it.
  19. Renata Remedios (Meme)
    Daughter of Fernanda and Aureliano Segundo. Goes off the school to play the clavichord. Falls in love with a mechanic, Mauricio Babilonia, which Fernanda finds out about and then has him shot. Meme then becomes a mute for the rest of her life and is sent off to a convent, where she gives birth to her and Mauricio's son, Aureliano. He is sent home and is raised in the Buendía house.
  20. Amaranta Úrsula
    Other daughter of Fernanda and Aureliano Segundo. Becomes best friends with Meme's son, Aureliano, though she doesn't know that he's her nephew. She goes off to Europe and returns home as a very stylish adult with her husband, Gaston. Eventually she and Aureliano get it on as adults and Gaston leaves her.
  21. Aureliano
    Son of Meme. Spends most of his life trying to decipher the parchments. Falls in love with Amaranta Úrsula when she comes home. Doesn't know she's his aunt. Finally deciphers the parchments right before his death.
  22. Aureliano
    Son of Aureliano and Amaranta Úrsula. No spoilers but OH MAN. Read this damn book.
  23. Melquíades
    Awesome gypsy man who comes to town every year with new inventions. He died, then came to live with the Buendías, then died again. Oh, and he wrote some mysterious parchments that most of the men in the family spent so much time trying to decipher.