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Because this is an important things I need to keep track of.
  1. Magikarp
    What Pokemon are you?
  2. Soft 70's Vibes
    What spring fashion trend would you crush it in?
  3. You're Nearly Nick
    How similar to Nick from New Girl are you?
He knows a lot, he says a lot, he's been through a lot and sometimes it all makes me sad.
  1. I want a kitten but I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford one.
  2. I'm going to have to take out a loan for a place to live next year.
  3. I don't know if I'll have enough money for rent this month.
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I like being prompted to have these.
  1. Have more fun
  2. Relax a bit
  3. More day drinking
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Why didn't I start with this one?!?! That probably tells you all you need to know about me.
  1. My name - Kathryn, Katie, Kitty
    Surprisingly not Kat, Kathy, or Kate
  2. Age - 23
    Yes, I know, no one likes you when you're 23. I get it. But like it's also my "Jordan" year. And that sounds like a positive thing. Idk. Not a basketball fan.
  3. Current Life State - A week into my first year as a Masters of Human Resources student.
    I'm in the best program in the country and I feel the weight of it every second. I'm already drowning.
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  1. Katie
    My nickname.
  2. Kathryn
    My birth name.
  3. Dryer
    My middle name. Honestly.
  4. Kitty
    Another nickname
Thanks for the request Rebecca!
  1. Black Dog
    Apparently, these dogs would roam the streets at night. This is absolutely me in the city. Probably not the safest but hey I'm a back dog.
  2. Fairy
    This would be glorious. I'd be like Tinker Bell (but obvi my color would be pink or grey) It would just be hella cool to be small, sneaky, and able to fly. Also, sparkly, that's a requirement.
  3. Mermaid
    Sorry to be cliche but those seashell bras look cute AF.
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I just signed my life away to graduate school and here's why.
  1. It's not work.
  2. Seriously, it's not work.
  3. I really hate my job.
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Beware. Don't swipe right. Jk. Weird pics from my weird life.
  1. 1.
    That finger pic
    Cut my finger with a knife whilst trying to eat cheese and well this is what wearing a bandaid did.
  2. 2.
    Earthfare sushi saves me.
    I only eat the veggie one so far (I'm a sushi novice) so this is my boyfriends crab sushi.
  3. 3.
    Hospital Artwork
    Because dear god how it saves me.
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The start of this year has been underwhelming verging on unbelievably awful.
  1. My mother almost died.
    That's her ---->
  2. My sister's boyfriend had a stroke and is having brain surgery tomorrow.
  3. Everything beyond that sounds pathetic in comparison.
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